About us

ChildTuition Foundation is a Dutch Charitable Trust. It’s official name is Stichting ChildTuition. The ChildTuition Foundation was initiated by a group of individuals with strong backgrounds in multimedia, education and linguistics.

Nico Nobel

Dr. N. (Nico) Nobel

studied Law at Leiden University. He subsequently worked in Amsterdam as a tax-lawyer and as a publisher of articles and newsletters about Dutch and international tax law.

As a student, Nobel became friends with an Indian boy studying at Cambridge University. This friend invited him to tour India after finishing his studies, and he accepted. In 1958 he completed a 7 month tour through India by car, nearly covering the entire country. Having made a number of new friends, he returned often for short visits. As a result, Nobel regards India as a second home, and himself as half-Dutch and half-Indian.

Since 2006, Nobel has focused on the activities of the ChildTuition Foundation.

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Mr. R.A. (Rene) Bakker
Treasurer and Secretary

René graduated as a lawyer at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He has spent his whole business career in the Publishing and Information Industry. At the start he worked for Wolters-Kluwer and later joined Informa PLC where he was managing director of a number of subsidiaries.

His extensive network, vast experience in the field of professional education and his ‘hands on’ mentality can be of great value for the foundation.

René joined the Board of Childtuition in November 2013.


Drs. Ir. J. (Jasper) Kappen
Board member

Drs. Ir. J. (Jasper) Kappen started his career at DSM after having studied chemical engineering at the Technical University of Delft. He subsequently worked as a process engineer andlogistics project manager. To share his knowledge and experience he started to give training in logistics and change management.

After working some time abroad as a volunteer in several projects he decided to study Medicine at Rotterdam University and in 2007 he finished his theoretical studies there. He is now finalizing his specialization to become a pulmonary physician as well as a PhD study.

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Dr. P. (Paula) Fikkert
Educational research and advice

Paula Fikkert is full professor First Language Acquisition and Phonology at Radboud University.

She studied Dutch Language and Culture in Groningen. In 1994 she defended her dissertation ‘On the acquisition of prosodic structure’ at Leiden University (cum laude). She continued to do research on language acquisition and language change at the University of Konstanz, Germany, before returning to the Netherlands as a research fellow at the Royal Dutch Academy of Science. Subsequently, she received an innovation grant from the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO), and is now leading the Language Acquisition Group at Radboud University, which studies early language perception and production, focussing on sound structure and word learning. A lot of research is carried out at the Baby Research Centre.

Paula Fikkert is research director of the Centre for Language Studies, board member of the National Research School for Linguistics, member of the Humanities board of NWO, and a member of the ‘Koninklijke Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschappen’.