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What makes our program different?

There are several differences

Existing language programs are made for children who have already learnt a mother tongue. Using this mother tongue the programs teach them a second language. Our program is unique as it will not use any mother tongue. It will teach English directly by using pictures, symbols, little movies, little games etc. There will be no other language used in the program than English. We have a very good reason for this as most of the children in our target audience live in tribes with their own distinct languages and dialects. They live in tribal communities in remote and scattered areas in developing countries all over the world. In India alone the number of tribal people is estimated at 75 million. These tribal people, who are discriminated everywhere, are the poorest and most backward people in the world. We want to make a program that can even be used by children who belong to those tribes.

In our program children will not only learn to understand and speak, but also to read. When they are older and can already understand, speak and read, the program will also teach (type)writing.

At a later stage, the program will be expanded to teach national and regional languages.

Our program will be a real multimedia program. It will make use of all available media: primarily computers connected to the Internet but also various others.

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