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Our software: Grackle

Grackle is a series of serious games to learn to read, speak and type in English.

What's inside?

  • 63 learning games (more are being added this year)
  • 8 unlockable and replayable rewards
  • Progress for each child is measured personally
  • Use of local content (pictures, illustrations and movies of Indian tribal surroundings and people)
  • No knowledge of English is required to start playing and learning.
  • The games are made so that you can start to play from a very early age. (3-4 years old)
  • No guidance from teachers or parents is required. (although it can be more fun)
  • Unlock and gather rewards while you play
  • The series will teach you English until a level that you can independently use the internet.

Who is Grackle?

Grackle is the main character of the game. He is a big wise and playful bird that accompanies you during the game.

The Grackle universe

Grackle is living in a tribal world that is divided in parts that you need to discover. All the parts have their own theme, like forrest, village and water for example. Each theme has it's own map filled with games that need to be completed to unlock attractive rewards that you can keep and replay.

There are many different games. Some examples are puzzles, animations, stories, songs, dialogues, shooters and many more. Not all children learn in the same way. Therefore Grackle has many different games that teach English in many different ways. The games are often played with members of the Srujan Family.

The Srujan family

The Srujan family is a tribal family that is living in a small tribal settlement in the heart of India. During the games you will follow the lives and adventures of the family members.

See some of the games included

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