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Why are we optimistic?

It has been established in practice that:

Children have an astonishing aptitude for learning languages. They can even learn several languages fluently at the same time. The earlier the learning begins, the better. In fact, aptitude for learning gradually decreases until children are 6 years old. After that age, it becomes much more difficult.

In addition to learning to understand and speak a new language, children can also learn to read them at the same time without much extra effort. (Type)writing is more complicated but may also be learned at a later stage.

Children not only have an astonishing aptitude for languages, they also have a seemingly natural ability for handling electronic devices like computers. The only effective way to teach young children is through teaching programs that attract their curiosity and excite them. Language learning is more likely when the experience is enjoyable and children can interact with a pleasant interface.

They will not need a teacher and will learn by playing the program. Our programs will be based on these principles and we are confident of its success.

We have no more questions, but maybe you have?

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